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AASTLearningCenter_Border.pngThe AAST Fall Course modules provide participants with incredible education sessions focused on trends and technology in sleep medicine.

These courses feature nationally-recognized, expert speakers who represent various roles in the sleep technology profession - from physicians to technologists, dentists to educators. 

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Included Courses

Actigraphic Assessment of Sleep in Adults

Review examples of appropriate use of actigraphy in adults. The discussion focuses on practice parameter and clinical guidelines for use. Multiple examples of sleep disorders are evaluated using actigraphy.
Presenter: Kelly A. Carden, MD, MBA
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 46:19

Using Digital Technology to Monitor Adherence

A review and comparison of adherence monitoring methods.
Presenter: Joseph Anderson, RPSGT
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 52:09

Treatment of Heart Failure with ASV

This module is a detailed review of the evidence supporting and not supporting the treatment of heart failure with ASV.
Dr. Yaggi dives deep into the studies that have been published. The relevance regarding the treatment of heart failure of Max Plank's quote "understanding must precede application" is explained.
Presenter: Klar Yaggi, MD, MPH
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 51:47

Treating Health Issues in Children While Straightening Teeth Without Braces

Dr. Bergerson reviews symptoms and consequences of untreated sleep disorders in children and relates anecdotes of success with mandibular advancement devices.
Presenter: Earl O. Bergerson, DDS, MSD
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 47:09

Sleep Quality and Athletic Performance

Dr. Karmen reviews the dangers of sleep deprivation and the benefits of a full night of sleep for athletes.
Presenter: Robert J. Karmen, MD
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 1:00:46

Preoperative Screening for Sleep Apnea: How to use STOP-Bang Questionnaire

This module is comprehensive and data-driven review of the justification for pre-operative screening of patients. Dr. Chung begins by defining the problem of sudden post-surgical death in patients who have and have not been evaluated for possible OSA. Methodologies for assessment and a refinement of STOP-Bang is evaluated.
Presenter: Frances Chung, MBBS, FRCPC
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 45:22

Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: They are Everywhere! 

Dr. Chung pairs a review of the epidemiology of OSA with specific focus on obesity, pregnancy, aging, opioids and hospital settings with a summary of consequences and risks when OSA is untreated. She provides an anesthesiologist's perspective on the disorder and the complications that ensue in the post-operative period.
Presenter: Frances Chung, MD
CEC Credit: 0.75
Length: 37:00

Patient Consent Requirements in the Age of Digital Applications

This module is a review of legal issues related to privileged health information.
Presenter: Daniel B. Brown, JD
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 55:35

Obesity Associated Hypoventilation

This module is a discussion of recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of obesity hypoventilation syndrome.
Presenter: Kelly Carden, MD, MBA
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 43:00

Integration of CBTi for Management of Orofacial Pain

Patients with orofacial pain complain of discomfort, fatigue, and insomnia. Dr. Carlson describes a comprehensive plan for treatment of these patients incorporating elements of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.
Presenter: Charles R. Carlson, PhD
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 1:05

Ambulatory Monitoring to Assess Sleep Quality Revisited: Frontopolar Sleep EEG Biomarkers

Dan Levendowski explores new avenues for portable sleep monitoring in the evaluation of dementia, sepsis in the ICU, and insomnia. He details the use of a frontopolar EEG for identification of slow wave sleep and EEG abnormalities. Presenter: Daniel Levendowski, MBA
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 54:40

Advanced Therapies: Matching the PAP Devices with the Patient for Improved Outcomes

Dr. Zachek reviews the basics of non-invasive ventilation, including parameters of breathing, effects of lung diseases, and modes of treatment.
Presenter: Michael Zachek, MD
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 51:49

An AAST Needs Assessment on the State of the Sleep Industry

Trends in Sleep Technology: An AAST Needs Assessment on the State of the Sleep Industry.
Presenter: Laura Linley, RST, RPSGT, CRTT
CEC Credit: 1.0
Length: 41:00